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Opportunity Caddo Program (OCP)

Opportunity Caddo Program (OCP)

Lisa S. Lloyd, CPPB

Director - Opportunity Caddo Program (OCP)

Caddo Parish Public Schools

1961 Midway Avenue

Shreveport, Louisiana 71108

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Caddo Parish Public School Departments and Schools:

  • Caddo Parish School Board (CPSB) adopted Opportunity Caddo Plan, February 17, 2004.
  • Opportunity Caddo is a program designed to enhance economic development through the growth and development of small and economically disadvantaged businesses, which ultimately will provide for a better educational system.
  • Every opportunity is to be made to include small and economically disadvantaged businesses in the procurement of all products and services.
  • Each department and school to take measures to ensure that optimum purchasing opportunities are available.
  • CPSB is eliminating barriers which may have an adverse impact upon small and economically disadvantaged businesses.
  • CPSB to assist in the development of small and economically disadvantaged businesses to be able to compete in the market place outside of this program.

Small and Economically Disadvantaged Businesses:

  • Aspirational goal of 25% utilization of small and economically disadvantaged businesses
  • Small and economically disadvantaged businesses will be kept informed of upcoming CPSB product and service needs.
  • Small and economically disadvantaged businesses will be listed in a business directory after certification.

Some of the many products and services purchased by CPSB:

  • CPSB procures numerous products and services from A to Z. Some of the many needs of the CPSB include trophies and awards, catering, construction, equipment, flowers, offices, photography, signs, printing, graphics, t-shirts, and many others.


  • CPSB annual budget is over $300 million.
  • Approximately $40 million available annually for the purchase of various products and services
  • Approximately 66 schools and 20 central office departments make purchases annually

Current Bids

10B-18 Bus Engines

09L-18 MJ Moore Lease

08B-18 Bus Engines

07B-18 REBID Refurbished Buses

IFB - 17-28 Door Replacement at Caddo Parish Correctional Center (Caddo Commission)

06U-18 - Seat Upholstering Services Addendum-1

06U-18 Seat Upholstering Services

05G-18 Vehicle Glass & Installation

04B-18 Refurbished Buses

03R-18 Addendum - Real Estate Broker Services

03R-18 Real Estate Broker Services

02U-18 Student Uniforms

01T-18 Transmission Repairs